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NICT Open House 2017 in Okinawa
Thursday, 23rd November, 2017

 On 23rd of November, NICT Open House 2017 in Okinawa was held at Okinawa Electromagnetic Technology Center.

 Despite the chilly weather, we had more than 200 visitors.
We are really grateful to everyone who came to and cooperated in our annual event.

 We introduced our remote-sensing devices and research results. Many visitors joined the facility tour, enjoyed operating the software radio and the passive radar. We received support from our Tokyo main office, such as displaying images taken by SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar), holding workshops of snow globe and flipbook, which all gained favorable reception.

 Sonde launches and weather observations by Ryukyu University were as very popular as usual.

 We also received very big supports from Okinawa Office of Telecommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and JARL(Japan Amateur Radio League) Okinawa Branch.

Total Number of Visitors : 201

Visitors joined Sonde launch by Ryukyu University

Participants listening to the instructor in the Open Experiment,
in which they experienced programming mini computer
and assembling sensors

Radio Wave School
lectured by Okinawa Office of Telecommunications

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