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On-site & Virtual Venue 

The Okinawa Electromagnetic Technology Center Open House is an annual one-day festival with various events and workshops related to our research. At the on-site venue, we offer events that allow you to experience radio wave, wireless, and radar technology, such as a tour of the radar tower and craft workshops that are very popular with children. At the virtual venue, you can enjoy research panel displays, a 360° virtual exhibit space, and livestreams of some on-site events and Antarctic Expeditioner Talk. Please come and join us!

・・・ Latest News ・・・
This event has been closed. Thank you for your participation!
The metaverse venue will be open to the public till the end of March 2024.

2023/11/22 ・Radio Sonde Launch: It was canceled due to circumstances.
・Tour of Radar Tower: The start time of each tour was posted.
・Virtual Venue: Links are available (entrance starts from 10:00 on 23rd November).

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Thursday, 23rd November, 2023 (national holiday)
On-site / 10:00-16:30 (Reception closes at 16:00)
Metaverse / 10:00-16:30
Place Hybrid venue: On-site & Virtual
On-site venue Okinawa Electromagnetic Technology Center, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (map)
Virtual venue Metaverse venue will be open to the public till the end of March 2024.
●Metaverse Venue
  ※Connection may be restricted depending on capacity.
   ※1 For Safari users, please check your setting beforehand.

●Livestream (Livestream has ended)
●360°VR Exhibition Room
Admission Free of charge, pre-registration required for some events.

Following events requires pre-registration;
"Radio Handcraft Workshop" and "Handmade Globe Workshop".

These events have reached capacity, and registration is closed.

Event Details
●Antarctic Expeditioner Talk / to be livestreamed
 (1) 11:30~ (2) 14:00~

●Letʼs Experience Extreme Cold Gear !
 Antarctic ice will also be on display. See, touch, and feel Antarctica!

●Tour of Radar Tower / to be livestreamed
  For 1st-6th grade students (accompanied by a parent or guardian) and older.
  Sandals and high-heels are not allowed for safety reasons.

●Radio Sonde Launch /
to be livestreamed
 (1) 10:30~ (2) 13:00~ (3) 15:30~
 *Cooperated by Yamada Laboratory, University of the Ryukyus

●Radio Handcraft Workshop / pre-registration required
Let’s have fun learning about radio waves and making a radio.
  This event may not support English.

AM radio workshop 11:00 - 12:00
(for 1st-6th graders)
  FM radio workshop 13:30 - 14:30
(for junior high and high school students)
 *10 persons each
 *Cooperated by Okinawa Telecommunications Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Handmade Globe Workshop / pre-registration required
  Make a globe with satellite photos of your anniversary date, such as birthday!
 (1) 11:30~ (2) 14:00~
 *20 persons each  

Play Electronic Blocks
  Arrange blocks and you can get electronic circuit assembled!  

●Detected unlicensed radio station mobile and Radio source visualizing system
 *Cooperated by Okinawa Telecommunications Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

●Amateur radio station operation
 You can simulate a Morse code transmission!
 *Cooperated by Okinawa Branch of Japan Amateur Radio Association

Outdoor events are subject to weather conditions and may need to be cancelled in the event of rain or strong wind.

Contact: Public Relations, Okinawa Electromagnetic Technology Center 

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