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Journal Articles

  • F.Nakagawa, J.Amagai, R Tabuchi, Y.Takahashi, M.Nakamura, S.Tsuchiya, S.Hama,Carrier-phase TWSTFT experiments using the ETS-VIII satellite, Metrologia.
  • M.Takahashi, Y.Takahash, J.Amagai, T.Goto, M.Fujieda, R.Tabuchi, S.Hama, Y.Yahagi, T.Takahashi, S.Horiuchi, Time Comparison Experiments between the QZS-1 and its Time Management Station, NAVIGATION, Journal of the Institute of Navigation.
  • S.Ishii, M.Koyama, P. Baron, H.Iwai, K.Mizutani, T.Itabe, A.Sato, K.Asai, Ground-based integrated path coherent differential absorption lidar measurement of CO2: foothill target return, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.
  • M.Goto, T.Goto, F. Nakagawa, R.Tabuchi, M.Aida, J.Amagai, Carrier-Phase-Based Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control.

Conference Papers

  • T.Goto, J,Amagai, T.hobiger, H.Li, a,Experimental results of QZSS time management system, Development of an experimental software GPS receiver for time and frequency transfer, ION Pacific PNT 2013.
  • S.Ishii, h.Iwai, K.Mizutani, P.Baron, T.Itabe, H.Fukuoka, T.Ishikawa, A.Satou, K.Asai,2-μm coherent lidar for CO2 and wind measurements, SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications.

Oral Presentation

  • T.Goto, M.Fujieda, J.Amagai, M.Aida, R.Aida, H.Maeno, Y.Hanado, TWSTFT experiments using carrier phase and DPN signals, 2013 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference.
  • S.Ishii, K.Mizutani, H.Iwai, P.Baron, Y.Asakawa, T.Kase, T.Murayama, T.Shiina, K.Kurata, T.Imaoku, T.Ishikawa, T.Itabe, K.Asai, A.Sato, M.Yasui, Development of airborne 2-μm coherent lidar for CO2 and wind measurements, 17th Coherent Laser Radar Conference.
  • G.Chen, W.Sha, T.Iwasaki, H.Iwai, K.Saito, H.Seko,A super-high-resolution mesoscale modeling on the 3D structures of sea-breeze front head,Meteorological society of japan Autum meeting 2013.
  • G.Chen, X.Zhu, W.Shaw, T.Iwasaki, H.Iwai, H.Seko, K.Saito,A mesoscale super-high-resolution modelling on the sea-breeze horizontal convective rolls: The impacts of landuse and buildings,Meteorological society of Japan Spring meeting 2013.
  • M.Fujieda, T.Goto, F.Nakagawa, R.Tabuchi, M.Aida, J.Amagai, Y.Hanado, H.Maeno, Development of Carrier Phase Two-Way Satellite Frequency Transfer at NICT, 2013 Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposium.
  • K.Nakagawa, H.Hanado, M.Nshikawa, K.Nakamura, Y.Kaneko, S.Kawamura, H.Iwai, H.Minda, R.Oki, Raindrop Size Distribution Observation for GPM/DPR algorithm development, EGU2013.

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