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Journal Articles

  • Iizuka,K. and S.Fujii, Neural Network Laser Radar, 1994, APPLIED OPTICS, Vol.33, No.13, pp.2492-2501.
  • Nozaki,N. and T.Kobayashi, Observation of low latitude ionospheric irregularities using HF FM/CW radar, 1994, COSPAR COLLOQUIA SERIES, pp.121-126.

Conference Papers

  • Ono,Y., Y.Hisaki, A.Nadai, H.Kuroiwa, H.Takeoka, H.Akiyama, and T.Yanagi, HF Ocean Radar Observation of Surface Currents in the Bungo Channel, 1994, PORSEC-94(Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference) , pp.485-490.
  • Nadai,A., Line Broadening and Splitting of First-order Echoes on Doppler Backscattering Spectra of HF Ocean Surface Radar, 1994, Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference'94, pp.501-506.
  • Hisaki,Y. and M.Tokuda, The Backscatter of HF radio wave by sea surface, 1994, PORSEC94, pp.477-484.
  • Shimodaira,H., F.Taga, S.Fujii, and K.Iizuka, 3D Laser Microvision, 1994, Third International Conference of the International Society on Optics With in Life Sciences(OWLS III).
  • Osaki,Y. and K.Nakamura, Computer Error Analysis of the Three Rainfall Rate Estimators of Dual-Polarization Radar Measuiements, 1994, 1994 International simposium on noise and clutter rejection in radars and imaging sensars (Kanagawa Science Park in Kawasaki), No.S1,pp.561-566.
  • Osaki,Y. and H.Kuroiwa, A Simulation Study of the Comparison between path averaged and point rainfall rate, 1994,1994 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (Makuhari Messe- Japan), No.7-2,pp.197-200.
  • Fujii,S., Neunal Network Processing of FMCW Doppler Radar,1994,Conference on Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensingwith in the International Symposium on Satellite Remote Sen sing.

Oral Presentation

  • Nadai,A., Ocean Current Field Monitoring Using Single HF Ocean Surface Radar┼Fthe Observation of Tokara-Strait in 1993-1994, 1994, 1994 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting .
  • Osaki,Y. and K.Nakamura, A Simulation Stydy of the Bius Error Analysis of Mean Rainfall Rates Measured with Spaceborne Radar, 1994, First Joint TRMM Radar Group Meeting.

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