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Conference Papers

  • M. FUJIEDA, T. GOTO, J. AMAGAI, Advanced two-way satellite frequency transfer by carrier-phase and carrier-frequency measurements, Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Oral Presentation

  • T. GOTO, T. KUBOOKA, H. TAKIGUCHI, J. AMAGAI, Domestic Time Transfer with Digital Broadcast Satellite Signals, Precise Time and Time Interval Meeting
  • S. KAWAMURA, H. OHTA, H. HANADO, M. YAMAMOTO, N. SHIGA, K. KIDO, S. YASUDA, T. GOTO, R. ICHIKAWA, J. AMAGAI, K. IMAMURA, M. FUJIEDA, K. ISHIZU, H. IWAI, S. SUGITANI, T. IGUCHI, Water vapor estimation using the propagation delay of digital terrestrial broadcasting waves, 2016 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation
  • H. TAKIGUCHI, T. GOTO, M. FUJIEDA, F. NAKAGAWA, H. NARITA, K. MATSUBARA, K. IMAMURA, H. ITO, J. AMAGAI, Y. HANADO, Relativistic Effect Correction for Clock Transport, EFTF

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