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Journal Articles

  • Hisaki,Y., Nonlinear inversion of the integral equation to estimate ocean wave spectra from HF radar, 1996, RADIO SCIENCE, Vol.31, No.1, pp.25-39.
  • Osaki,Y. and K.Nakamura, A Simulation Study of the Bias Error Analysis of Mean Rainfall Rates Measured with Spaceborne Radar, 1996, JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC TECHNOLOGY, Vol.13, No.3, pp.762-768.
  • Osaki,Y. and K.Nakamura, Adaptive Determination of Maximum Diameter of Raindrops from ZDR, 1996, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, Vol.E79-B, No.6, pp.793-796
  • Osaki,Y. and Y.Masuda, Software-based Cancellation of Clutter in the Doppler Spectrum Measured by a Wind Profiler, 1996, JOURNAL OF THE METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN, Vol.74, No.6, pp.941-945.
  • Nadai,A., H.Kuroiwa, M.Mizutori, and S.sakai, Measurement of Ocean Surface Currents by CRL HF Ocean Surface Radar of the FMCW Type. Part 1. Radial Current Velocity, 1996, JOURNAL OF OCEANOGRAPHY, Vol.53, No.4, pp.325-342.

Conference Papers

  • Igarashi,K., M.Nagayama, Y.Makita, Y.Masuda, and H.Kato, High time resolution and multi-frequency observation of ionospheric virtual height variation by using ionospheric observation data network (IONET) in Japan, 1996, Solar-Terrestrial Prediction Workshop 96, pp.73-73.
  • Szuszcz,E..P., P.Wilkinson, M.Abdu, K.Igarashi, T.Kikuchi, R.Hanbaba, S.Pulinets, M.Lester, and B.M.Reddy, Campaign studies of ionospheric-thermospheric system response to geomagnetic storms, 1996, Solar-Terrestrial Prediction Workshop-96, No.I-01, pp.62-62.
  • Igarashi,K., N.Hemmakor, S.Sittichiva, P.Kenpankho, S. Kitsadawan, R.Yamazaki, A.Sang-in, T.Komolmis, Y.Makita, V.Sae-oui, U.Sastrokusu, A.B.Suksmono, and H.Minakoshi, Ionospheic total electron content observation with the GPS chain in Thailand during the October 24-1995 total solar eclipse, 1996, Workshop for Data Comparison and Results for the October 24-1995 Total, pp.51-54.
  • Igarashi,K. and J.L.Scali, Pacific region equatorial anomaly studies in Asia-PREASA, 1996, Workshop for Data Comparison and Results for the October 24. 1995 Total, pp.3-4.
  • Igarashi,K. and J.L.Scali, Pacific region equatorial anomaly studies in Asia-PREASA,1996,Buisiness Meeting on Equatorial Anomaly Study in the Western Pacific Sector.
  • Herson,H.L., A.Nadai, and Y.Masuda, An estimation of Doppler frequency shift and broadening for grazing incidence C-band ocean surface backscatter, 1996, Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference-96
  • Nadai,A., On the dynamics of the north edge of the Kuroshio in the southern sea off the Yakushima Island-Japan, 1996, Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference-96
  • Koyama,K., K.Igatrashi, M.A.Adu, S.Watanabe, F.Isoda, T.Takahashi, and H.Oya, Deviation of equatorial TE from standard behavior during ionospheric storm, 1996, 31th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, p.156.

Journal of the CRL

  • Hisaki,Y., Estimation of wave spectra using High-Frequency ocean radar,1996,Jouranal of the CRL,Vol.43,No.3,p.375.

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