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Journal Articles

  • Nakagawa,K., E.Nakakita, T.Sato, and S.Ikebuchi, Parameters of Rain Drop Size Distribution and their Vertical Dependence on Rainfall Type, 1999, JOURNAL OF HYDROSCIENCE AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING, Vol.17, No.1, pp.1-9.

Conference Papers

  • Osaki,Y. and Y.Masuda, Software-based Cancellation of Clutter in the Doppler Spectrum Measured by a Wind Profiler, 1999, 29th International Conference on Radar Meteorology, pp.263-266.
  • Sato,S. and J.Wurman, Accuracy of composite wind fields derived from a bistatic multiple-Doppler radar network, 1999, 29th Conference on Radar Meteorology, pp.221-224.
  • Osaki,Y. and H.Kuroiwa, Simulation-based Error Analysis for the Path-averaged Rainfall Rate Estimated from the Rain Attenuation, 1999, 1999 Asia Pacific Microwave Conference, pp.596-601.
  • Igarashi,K., J.L.Scali, H.Minakoshi, B.W.Reinisch, and D.J.Crain, Pacific region equatorial anomaly studies in Asia (PREASA) Recent Development and results, 1999, PIERS1999, p.129.
  • Masuko,H., Role of remote sensing technologies developing in Japan, 1999, Regional Seminor on the role of telecommunication and information technologies for the protection of the environment and the achievement of sustainable development.
  • Igarashi,K., h.Minakoshi, R.Yamazaki, H.Kato, S.Watari, and T.Yajima, Narong Hemmakorn,Surasak Kitsadawwanich,Onanong Petim,TEC variations and scintillation effects observed with the GPS network in the equatorial region as communication satellite experiments of the POST-PARTNERS project, 1999, International Symposium on GPS.

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