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Journal Articles

  • W.-K. Tao, E. A. Smith, R. F. Adler, Z. S. Haddad, A. Y. Hou, T.Iguchi, R. Kakar, T. N. Krishnamurti, C. D. Kummerow, S. Lang, R. Meneghini, K.Nakamura, T.Nakazawa, K.Okamoto, W. S. Olson, S. Satoh, S.Shige, J. Simpson,Y.Takayabu, G. J. Tripoli, S. Yang, Retrieval of latent heating from TRMM measurements, Retrieval of latent heating from TRMM measurements, 2006, BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY , Vol.87, No.11, P1555-1572.

Conference Papers

  • Nakagawa, K., H. Hanado N.Takahashi,, S. Satoh, K.Hukutani, T.Iguchi, "Development of a C-band polarimetric and pulse compression radar in Okinawa, Japan", 2006, IGARSS/IEEE.
  • S. Kojima, Development of 9.25MHz Ocean Radar for Measuring Ocean Waves, 2006, IGARSS2006.
  • Shusse, Y., K. Nakagawa, N.Takahashi,,S. Satoh, T.Iguchi, Characteristics of polarimetric radar variables and their precipitation type dependence om a highly humid oceanic region., 2006, Fourth European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology, P57-60.

Oral Presentation

  • Satoh, S., K. Nakagawa, Y.Shusse, Y.Kitamura, S.Sekizawa, Studies on Precipitation Systems in Okinawa Subtropical Environment Remote-Sensing Center, 2006, QPE/QPF workshop.
  • S. Kojima, K.sato, "Observation of the Kuroshio Current in the Southwest Part of East China Sea by Long-Range Ocean Radar", 2006, International Conference on Coastal Engineering, No.1937, P1.
  • Satoh, S., Weather Radar in Okinawa, 2006, East-Asian Monsoon Workshop.
  • Satoh, S., Validation of GSMaP by rain gauges in Southeast Asia, 2007, CREST-GSMaP The 3rd International Workshop, P1.

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