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Journal Articles

  • Nadai,A., H.Kuroiwa, M.Mizutori, and S.Sakai, Measurement of Ocean Surface Currents by the CRL HF Ocean Surface Radar of FMCW Type. Part 2. Current Vector, 1998, JOURNAL OF OCEANOGRAPHY, Vol.55, No.1, pp.13-30.

Conference Papers

  • Nadai,A., Effects of ocean surface current features on HF ocean surface radar backscatter spectra, 1998, 5th International Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environment.

Oral Presentation

  • Crain,David J. and K.Igarashi, Modeling studies in supprot of the PREASA initiative-I.Early Results, 1998, GOIN 98 workshop.
  • Igarashi,K., K.Hocke, G.Ma, and F.Isoda, Possible energy transfer from the solar wind into the Earth-s middle atmosphere, 1998, Joint Meeting of Earth and Planetary Science No.Ea-p005, p.125.
  • Adachi,T., Y.Masuda, K.Okamoto, and H.Masuko, Design of a new wind profiler/RASS at Okinawa Island in the western Pacific subtropics, 1998, 4th International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling: Needs And Technologies.
  • Igarashi,K., J.L.Scali, H.Minakoshi, and B.W.Reinisch, Pacific region equatorial anomaly studies in ASIA(PREASA) PART.1 Introduction and overview of the program, 1998, 32th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, p.159.

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