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Short Papers

  • Kodama, Y., A.Ohta, M.Katsumata, S.Mori, S.Satoh, H.Ueda, Seasonal transition of predominant precipitation type and lightning activity over tropical monsoon areas derived from TRMM observation, 2005, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, Vol.32, No.L14710, P1-4.

Conference Papers

  • Nakagawa, K., Y.Kitamura, K.Iwanami, H.Hanado, K.Okamoto, Field Campaign of Observing Precipitation in the 2004 Rainy Season of Okinawa, 2005, IGARSS/IEEE, P109-116.
  • Nakagawa, K., Y.Kitamura, H.Hanado, K.Iwanami, CREST/LAPS Observation members, CREST/GSMaP Observation members, Okinawa 2004 Field Campaign of observing precipitation, 2005, The Third Japan-China Joint Workshop on Lower Atmosphere and Precipitation Study(LAPS), P36-39.
  • Akimoto, F., J.Takahashi, K.Nakamura, K.Nakagawa, S.Satoh, S.Sekizawa, LAPS Observation members, Okinawa 2004 and 2005 IOP Experiments, 2005, The third Japan-China Joint Workshop on Lower Atmospheric and Precipitation Study(LAPS), P40-44.
  • Ueda, H.,, M.Nomura, T.Shinoda, K.Tsuboki, K.Nakagawa, K.Nakamura and HyARC Radar Obserbation Group, Role of Low-Altitude Moist-Layee for Development of Precipitation Systems over East China Sea during the Baiu, 2005, The third Japan-China Joint Workshop on Lower Atmospheric and Precipitation Study(LAPS), P50-53.
  • Nakagawa, K., H.Hanado, K.Hukutani, T.Iguchi, Development of a C-band pulse compression weather radar, 2005, 32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology(AMS), No.P12R.11.
  • Shusse, Y., K.Nakagawa, N.Takahashi, K.Iwanami, S.Satoh, T.Iguchi, Three-dimensional characteristics of polarimetric radar variables and their precipitation-type dependence, 2005, 32nd Conference Radar Meteorology(AMS), P11, R.11.
  • Satoh, S., F.Furuzawa, K.Nakamura, K.Nakagawa, S.Sekizawa, LAPS Observation members, Characteristics and Evolution of Clear Air Echoes Observed by Okinawa Polarimetric Doppler Radar(COBRA), 2005, The Third Japan-China Joint Workshop on Lower Atmosphere and Precipitation Study, LAPS, P45-49.
  • Satoh, S., H.Nagahama, H.Hanado, K.Nakagawa, Wind Fields of Typhoon Songda(2004) observed by the Okinawa Doppler Radar(COBRA), 2005, 32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology and 11th Conference on Mesoscale Processes, No.J, P2-3.
  • Kitamura,Y., K.Nakagawa, S.Sekizawa, H.Hanado, N.Takahashi, T.Iguchi, VERTICAL PROFILE OF RAINDROP SIZE DISTRIBUTION BY USING 400MHz WIND PROFILER IN STRATIFORM RAINFALL, 2005, 32nd Conference Radar Meteorology(AMS), P7, R.10.
  • Kobayashi, T., A.Adachi, S.Sekizawa, SYSTEMATIC VARIATIONS OF RAINDROP SIZE SPECTRA WITH ALTITUDE DERIVED FROM WIND PROFILER: MEASUREMENTS FOR TRMM PR EVALUATION, 2005, 32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, P6, R.5.
  • V.N.Bringi, M.Thuri, K.Nakagawa, G.J.Huang, T.Kobayashi, A.Adachi, Rainfall Estimation from C-band Polarimetric Radar in Okinawa, Japan: Comparisons with 2D-Video Distrometer and 400MHz Wind Profiler, 2005, 32nd Conference Radar Meteorology(AMS).
  • Merhara Thurai, V.N.Bringi, K.Nakagawa, T.Kozu, M Schoenhuber, T.Shimomai, Drop Axis Ratio and Fall Velocity Distributions from 2-D Video Distrometer, 2005, 32nd Conference Radar Meteorology(AMS), No.P11R.15.
  • Kojima, S., K.sato, Observation of the sea surface currents in the southwest of East China Sea by Long-Range Ocean Radar, 2005, 8th International Conferences Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environmen, P18-33, 18-40.

Oral Presentation

  • Satoh, S., N.Takahashi, T.Iguchi, H.Hanado, M.Kojima, M.Okumura, The Sensitivity of Spaceborne Precipitation Radar (GPM/DPR) Improved by Variable PRFTechnique, 2005, IGARSS2005/IEEE.
  • Satoh, S., K.Nakagawa, N.Takahashi, T.Iguchi, H.Hanado, K.Nakamura, Okinawa Validation Site in Japan, 2005, 2nd International GPM Ground Validation Workshop.
  • Satoh, S., K.Nakagawa, Y.Kitamura, Y.Shusse, S.Sekizawa, A GPM Ground Validation Site in Okinawa, 2005, 5th GPM International Planning Workshop.

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